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Monday, 25 June 2012


I'm Tempest and these are my adventures with the Devynes.

I'm a wacky Brit now living in Phoenix Arizona, a Mum, sewist, total geek and compulsive maker of things.

For more about me and the rest of the family/support team, click here.

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If you use social media to chat about your sewing, you're probably a #sewcialist. Sewing + Social = Sewcialist. Find out more at sewcialists.org

Here's a list of sewing challenges, sew alongs & meet-ups around the world, in monthly order, on Kat's Modern Vintage Cupcakes blog:
Want to learn to sew? Here's Tilly & the Buttons (of Great British Sewing Bee fame) Learn to Sew online lessons:
Want to find sewists and sewcialists near you? Or to put yourself on the map? Click below for a set of maps of sewists & sewcialists around the world, organised by Vicki Muise of Another Sewing Scientist:
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